Hawai'i Fashion Incubator (HIFI) builds community and provides resources to Hawaii’s growing fashion industry. Our membership, partnerships, and initiatives are driven by community needs and participation. It provides platforms to promote and elevate all aspects of Hawaii’s fashion industry and build sustainable infrastructure for growth.
The Hawai'i Fashion Exchange (HFX) is an online platform that connects those in Hawaii’s fashion industry with professional opportunities and resources. Hawaii Fashion Exchange (HFX) is an initiative of the Hawaii Fashion Incubator (HIFI).  It is a membership platform for Hawaii’s fashion industry to showcase and connect with opportunities & resources, and for the public to discover the faces of Hawai'i fashion. 
The Hawai'i Fashion Month (HFM) month-long calendar of events to promote and elevate all aspects of Hawaii’s fashion industry: design, manufacturing, education, art, retail, and more. It showcases Hawai'i’s rich pool of talent and promote sustainable growth of the fashion industry, statewide.
OUTFIT Hawaii Fashion Market is a marketplace of Hawaii fashion where buyers can discover new brands, the industry can connect and collaborate, and the public can shop and support local designs. OUTFIT debuted during Hawaii Fashion Month in October 2013, and featured 60 local designers from across the state, runway shows, speakers, networking, classes, and demonstrations. The event continues to evolve and expand with exciting partnerships.
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